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Fast Track to Pregnancy Program™?

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So here’s a tiny taste of what you can expect to see inside this comprehensive online course:

Meet your host, Juliette Millar (BSc),  in this first video of the Fast Track to Pregnancy Program™, where you’re introduced to the course. 

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A quick reminder of what the full course includes:

6+ hours of video tuition

22 information-packed videos sharing the wisdom from a natural fertility expert with 20+ years’ experience.

Oodles of downloadable resources

Checklists, worksheets, photos, diagrams and charts to help you master the concepts you learn and help you take action.

Comprehensive fertility guides

10 comprehensive fertility guides covering crucial aspects of your fertility health - to empower you to have informed and constructive conversations with your doctor.

Monthly Live Q & A's

Free expert support and advice through monthly online Q and A sessions with Juliette.

Caring online community

Exclusive access to the private Facebook group for encouragement, support and advice from Juliette and other members of the course, who understand your journey.

Regular email tips

Regular email tips to reinforce what you’re learning and to support you along the way.

What program members say:

We are now pregnant… We owe it all to Juliette’s program and her amazing expertise and guidance.  She is exceptional at what she does…. Although we are continents apart, I felt like I had a personal fertility specialist, as she was always there to support and guide me!  

The Fast Track to Pregnancy Program breaks down everything you need to know about trying to conceive, without any pressure.  

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Juliette and her program!  Such a blessing!

Olivia Beth C.
Indiana, USA

Juliette’s amazing! Her clear, supportive and extremely helpful communication made all the difference to our journey! I cannot thank her enough! 

Highly recommend her online course!

Nadine Seidel
Auckland, NZ

… of course the best part is that our optimism was rewarded when after just 2 months doing the program, we fell pregnant!  Considering we had been trying for 2 years prior, this was like a miracle to us!  I only wish we had found Juliette sooner!

Simone & Daniel C.
Auckland, NZ

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