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Online Fertility Consultations


…but it’s just not happening?

Sick of scrolling through websites to find answers?
Feeling overwhelmed by all the confusing and conflicting advice and information out there? 
Just want to talk to an actual person – and get straight answers to your questions?

If this sounds like you, I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Juliette Millar. I’m a natural fertility specialist and fertility coach based in Tauranga, New Zealand. And I’m here to help you navigate your fertility journey and get pregnant as soon as possible.  You can read more about me here.

Starting a family should be one of life’s most exciting and rewarding experiences. But as you may have discovered, dreams don’t always come easily. In fact, the trying to conceive journey can be one of the most challenging experiences a couple can face.

You may be in the early stages of trying to conceive or you may have been trying for some time. Either way, the arrival of your period month after month can leave you feeling upset, alone and searching for answers.  It can be difficult knowing who to ask for help and where to go next.

Perhaps your doctor’s advised you to go away and keep trying, but you know there must be something more you can do. Or perhaps you’ve already had some fertility testing done and you’re wondering, what now?

The good news is that there’s usually a LOT you can do to improve your conception chances and move your fertility journey forward.

That’s where I come in. By assessing your health history and individual circumstances I can advise you on how to boost your fertility naturally and help you understand your options. 

Together we’ll develop a personalised fertility plan for you, so that you have some clear steps to take, to help you reach your goal.

Juliette Millar Fertility Coach

I can help you with

What Clients Say

"My wife and I have been using Juliette’s service via Skype and I can honestly say, that despite lack of fertility being a difficult and challenging subject, there has been nothing difficult or challenging about the Fertility Focus service and in fact quite the opposite!

Not only does Juliette have an amazing and unique ability to make you feel comfortable talking about the subject, but we always finish our chats feeling happy and optimistic … of course the best part is that our optimism was rewarded when after just 2 months doing the program, we fell pregnant! Considering we had been trying for 2 years prior, this was like a miracle to us … I only wish we had found Juliette sooner!"
Daniel Chalmers
Auckland, New Zealand
After 7 months of trying and not succeeding we looked on the internet for help and came across Juliette’s Fertility Focus website… Our Zoom meetings were filled with support, hope, guidance and science!

Putting aside all the fertility apps and just being able to read my body was so important, knowing and understanding my cycle with charting, tips on eating the right foods and teaming it with the best supplements, just knowing we were on the right track and doing all we could with Juliette’s guidance was comforting. Earlier this year we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Indiana, he is an absolute delight…. Thank you so much Juliette, you will always be part of our little boy’s story into this world.
Arthur and Juliette
Tauranga, New Zealand

Fertility Consultation Options

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