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So, you’re trying to get pregnant.

But it’s just not happening.

You may be in the early stages of trying to conceive or you may have been trying for some time. Either way, as each month ticks by, you’re feeling more and more frustrated, upset and disheartened.

You’re keen to know what you can do to boost your fertility and improve your conception chances, but all the confusing advice and information out there just leaves you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Perhaps you’re worried that there’s a problem, but you don’t know who to ask or where to go next. Or perhaps you already KNOW that there’s a problem, and you just want to know what you can DO about it.

Perhaps you just need someone to listen.

Couple wanting to get pregnant

If you’re looking for straight answers to your questions

and caring support and advice from someone who understands,

I’m here to help

Juliette Millar - helping you get pregnant naturally

Hi, I’m Juliette Millar

I’m a natural fertility specialist and fertility coach.  And I’m here to help you navigate your fertility journey and get pregnant as soon as possible.

The path to pregnancy doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

My goal is to help make your journey easier with quality, accurate information to guide you forward.  My online program, one-to-one fertility consultations and comprehensive fertility guides are designed to inform and empower you – so that you can take control of your fertility journey and ultimately, get pregnant faster.

“Nothing lights me up more than having my clients announce their pregnancy or meeting their gorgeous new baby.”

A little about me…

I’m a trained fertility educator, ardent fertility researcher and have a science degree in microbiology and molecular genetics.  

With over 20 years’ experience as a natural fertility specialist, I’m absolutely passionate about helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood.

I’d love to help you too.

How I help…

Link to Online Fertility Consultations Page

Fertility Consultations

One on one fertility consultations by Skype. Receive a personalised fertility plan to guide
you forward.

Link to Online Fertility Program

Online Fertility Program

Take control of your fertility and get pregnant faster with my online Fast Track to Pregnancy Program™.

Fertility E-books

Fertility E-books

Inform and empower yourself with my range of comprehensive Fertility E-books.

Hear what my clients have to say…

"We truly believe that Juliette's knowledge, encouragement and reassurance were all key to our dream of achieving our second child"

Fertility Focus clients with baby
Rochelle and John
Tauranga, New Zealand
"...after just 2 months doing the program we fell pregnant! Considering we had been trying for 2 years prior, this was like a miracle to us...I only wish I had found Juliette sooner!”
Fertility Focus pregnant client
Daniel and Simone
Auckland, New Zealand
"I wanted to thank you because my fiance and I conceived three weeks ago after only one cycle of trying, and I totally credit your teachings so we could time it just right!"
Photo of Baby Alex
Texas, USA
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